Cover Up and Guard Against Minor Cuts and Bruises
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Testimonials for SKIN GUARDS

Sleeves for Thinning Skin"This product is exactly as advertised. 100% satisfied! I have two Colors and will soon be ordering more. Very durable and comfortable. I wear them at work and everywhere I go. Very comfortable in summer as well. Thanks for a superior product at a fair price!!!"
Keith from Warminster, Pennsylvania

"I use them to protect my arm from bruising. I have very thin skin from prescriptions. It cuts and bleeds easily. Skin Guards prevents my skin tears from happening as easily."
Elizabeth from Sacramento, California

"I ordered 2 and got them sooner than expected. I don't have to constantly adjust them and they're pretty comfortable. They cover my forearms from elbow to wrist snug but not too tight. I've purchased other items similar that cost more and didn't work nearly as good as these Skin Guard sleeves."
Christina from Sun City, California

"I just received my skin guard product today and am very pleased with it. I recently started bruising very easily along my forearms and I’m self-conscious about it and wanting try to stay as protected as possible. I am in the process of ordering a smaller size but I’m very happy with the forearm. I think those wrist skin guard will be perfect for my problem areas. Thank you and keep up the good work!"
Erin from Henderson, Nevada

sleeves for thinning skin"My dermatologist has been getting on me to wear long sleeves while golfing. These Skin Guard sleeves are the perfect solution! They keep my arms protected and I can still utilize my short sleeve shirts. I also have elbow issues and the compression has really helped my game improve."
Betty from Anaheim Hills, California

"I ordered the full sleeve primarily for its sun protection as I had skin cancer in the past. I usually wear a long sleeve jacket which is hot and looks "odd" on a hot day in Florida. The sleeves are so much more comfortable and provide the protection I need. They blend in with my natural skin color and are barely noticeable. I really am very pleased with them."
Kate from Orlando, Florida

Glenn's Testimonial for Thin Skin Protection Sleeves by Skin Guards"I am very satisfied that Skin Guards has solved my problem. My forearm skin will bruise at the slightest minor bump or contact that doesn't break the skin. I often don't even know I that did something until an ugly bruise shows up later. I've looked for protective sleeves, but all that I could find were the ones that covered the entire arm or were very thick and hot. The type used for sports were too thin and didn't come in skin tones like these. A friend of mine recommended Skin Guards to me. I otherwise never would thought to look here. Again, Thank You for such a fine product that's American made. I'm sure I will be ordering more in the future. Please feel free to share this pic. Sorry for the one arm selfie."
Glenn from Santa Fe, New Mexico

"My adult son had to have a IV PICC line for over 2 months, while receiving IV medicines at home. The line was put in at the hospital and the provided elastic fishnet like band to cover the PICC line. That was a joke to use and I started a web search for a better solution. I stumbled across Skin Guard’s web site, this was a dream come true. The sleeves protected the PICC line from catching on things and also kept the area clean. I would highly recommend this item for probably many different medical uses also. Thank you for making a great product."
Mother from Lake Forest, California

"These are great !!! Wore them to work. I mask aircraft parts to be metal sprayed for refurbishing for the FAA. I am always banging or catching my forearms. These area God send. thanks so much for a QUALITY AMERICAN made product."
Claire from Gilbert, Arizona

forearm sleeves for thinning skin"My mother is 84. She takes blood thinners. One of the side effects is that she bruises very easily. She has always been self conscious of all the marks and bruises on her forearms. Your Skin Guards cover up sleeves were a godsend. She loves them and is not afraid to go out in public in short sleeves now. Thank you so much!"
Jonathon from Elgin, Illinois

"I love my Skin Guards!"
Richard from Santa Clarita, California

thin skin cover sleeves

"Just got my Skin Guards, they are great!"
Bill from Sarasota, Florida

Protective Sleeves for Thin Skin

"I volunteer to walk dogs. The dogs are pretty easy to handle but they do jump at times, and these Skin Guards sleeves help protect the thin skin I now have on my forearms. I also wear these sleeves when I do yard work. They REALLY help with the pokes and scrapes I get from that kind of work."
Rose from Charlotte, North Carolina

sleeves to cover up skin bruising

"These are a great idea! Most people don't notice I'm wearing them."
A.M. from San Francisco, California

grey camo forearm sleeves to hide cuts and bruises

"Wish I could get Skin Guards for the rest of my body!"
R.M. from Gallipolis, Ohio

Covering Forearm Cuts and Bruises

"I am very happy with my skin guards, My arms always look like I've been in a fight with all of the bruises I have. One little bump and a bruise appears. I have always worn long sleeve tops because of this. Now I have a product that hides them and looks really nice. Thank you Skin Guards!"
J.D., Florida





All of these pictures are real and send to us by our fantastic customers. Yes, a thin breathable layer of protection can make a big difference for your skin!


thin skin covers full arm cycling

pink forearm covers for thinning skin

light skin tone forearm thin skin skin guards covers

black forearm covers for papery skin

Grab a pair of Skin Guards and protect your skin today!

sleeves for thinning skin


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