Cover Up and Guard Against Minor Cuts and Bruises
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Protective Sleeves for Thin Skin

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Protect and Cover Up Thinning Skin

cover up thinning or papery skinThinning or papery skin is common for millions of people.  It can be caused by medications, dietary supplements or be a natural part of the aging process.  Skin Guards by Nelson Wear are designed to help you cover up minor cuts and bruises.  They block 97% of harmful UV rays, can get wet without any issues and are proudly Made in the USA (sweat shop free). They are not thick and meant to be a breathable layer of protection against minor scrapes. Many of our customers wear them outdoors for sun protection while gardening or inside while doing household tasks.  Skin Guards also provide mild compression that can help improve circulation. Nelson Wear is a family business and we donate a portion of the profits from the sales of Skin Guards to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

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Breathable Comfortable U.S. Made Skin Guards

Protection for Thin Skin on Limbs


Don't let thinning skin keep you from enjoying the things you love. Grab a pair of Skin Guards Today!


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